A Minor Covid Annoyance, Loungewear.

I am the last person to judge. My Covid weight is my new normal, and I am not happy with it. The culprit? Not food, not naps, not laziness. Although my alcohol consumption has gone up,(hey, every night here with my hubs, sans children, is date-night), I am as active as ever. 

It's the goddamn sweatpants. Call them joggers so they sound cute, like you are jogging, or yoga pants, like you are a yogi, or loungewear, like you are lounging, like on a cruise ship. Who is lounging? What is lounging?  These pants are stretchy and elastic and will always have you believing all is well in the "kingdom", another word for your "ass".

Time to think about zipping up some stylish, high-waisted, sexy alternatives. If we were blessed enough not to get sick or suffer a loss, shouldn't we show others how to pull on our big girl pants and carry on?

You are beautiful!

Dress accordingly,