How Can You Be More Sustainable Through Fashion?


Research your brands, old and new, to learn if they use eco-friendly materials such as hemp, organic cotton, or vintage and deadstock fabrics. While you're studying up, you'll quickly learn if these products are constructed in a sustainable manner rather than just using sustainable materials. Start with your favorite brands. See what they're doing (or not doing) to help the environment and see if it falls into your own beliefs and values.

Another way to level up on your eco-friendly wardrobe is to invest in pieces that will last longer. According to Livia Firth, founder of Eco-Age, the average item lasts in a woman’s wardrobe for five weeks. Think about what you're wearing and how many times you actually wear it. The same goes for shopping recycled or even up-cycled clothes. You'll end up knowing which pieces matter the most to you, as well.

Organic and sustainable clothes are no longer for the plain and simple. You can look good and do good for the environment with your wardrobe. "We promote and believe in ethics and aesthetics," says Firth. Spread awareness with beautifully-designed and sustainably-made clothes.


As more brands begin to create sustainable options for your wardrobe, not only will you know what's going into the process of your clothes, but you'll also be able to share that information with your friends and in turn, do your part in saving and protecting this planet.


Dale Arden Chong, Bustle