Turning Creators into Makers

I am emerging from this very long winter, thankfully healthy and fairly unscathed! The Spring weather is the best medicine, am I right? Ok, to be honest, my mental state took a beating. There were many days I had to really hold on to a right attitude, reminding myself of all I had to be grateful for. My sanity slipped a few times, and I had a health scare, but we “Stayed Calm and Walked Dogs”. All is well in the Evanski household. I hope the same is true for you.

Spring brings out the creator in people, and as I share on social media what I’ve been doing, I’ve gotten requests for sewing lessons. I’ve taught for many years and I really enjoy it. If there is enough interest I will be offering three different classes.

Just the Basics. As an Adjunct at Albright I taught clothing construction for nine years. I designed this class for beginners, it included all the skills necessary for someone to begin fashion sewing. Students will develop a portfolio of samples to reference and a simple garment.

Upcycled Design. Fashion is undergoing a huge change, and the focus on sustainability is not going anywhere. Upcycling existing fashion is the new normal. This class will teach people with some previous skill how to execute their upcycling ideas. 

Pro Class. I have been sewing professionally for, well, forever. I worked as a tailor's petite hand all the way up to head seamstress in bridalwear. I did a stint in a factory and made costumes for a movie shot in Philly. I sat at the feet of highly skilled professionals to acquire the skill I have now. I am offering a Pro Class for those who want to learn the most professional and efficient methods in tailoring, from hemming trousers to altering a wedding gown.

My space is limited, class size will be small so we can socially distance. 

In the future I would like to add classes and hold open sewing labs.

Interested? Follow this link to let me know. Additional information will then be sent to you, as I set up schedules. Please forward this to anyone you know that might be interested.

Thank you so much for your time.

You are Fabulous, Dress Accordingly!